Shades of the Color Green!

Ethical sourcing.
We patronize companies with a responsible carbon imprint when we buy our raw materials or any other supplies.

Communicating better and faster.
We encourage employees to garner better communication habits. That not only reduces gasoline bills but also helps reduce transportation based emissions.

Minimizing energy consumption.
Simple things like turning the lights off before leaving a room and using Energy Star Complaint equipment can go a long way.

Going E.
We try and work with electronic formats for invoices, quotes and statements. Thus reducing our paper intake.

Water Conservation.
Water is essential for our product and for life. We have made it an habit to use it responsibly.

Better packaging.
Using boxes that are made of recycled material and properly sized which help us minimize the use of packaging materials.

Our waste is our responsibility.
Managing waste in an efficient way, ensuring that it doesn’t impact the local community.