Where colors and chemistry, coexist.

We work in a lively and unpredictable environment. Constantly tested by the elements; we understand the responsibility that comes along with the power of creation. With knowledge as our most valuable asset, we are constantly pushing boundaries and growing. However two things remain at the heart of all we do – we understand chemistry and we manufacture made-to-measure colors for custom fabrics, colors that have the power to inspire. We were born into color, we are Aditya Synthetic.

Established in 1992, the company was born when its founder decided to start a synergy with chemistry, with the aim of producing dyes – which had formerly been a prerogative of a selected few. Our expertise at chemistry, our constant pursuit for perfection and our determination to deliver nothing but the best, has made us a name to reckon with. We harbor a state of the art manufacturing unit that gives us the freedom to chase whatever our clients demand.

We’re constantly maximizing the potential of our dyes, from the very outset of sourcing the raw materials, all the way through to the packaging. We do everything ourselves, thus leaving nothing to chance and ensuring that our clients get just what they want. Every company is a sum of its individuals. Aditya Synthetic is run by a team that is carefully curated, extraordinarily ambitious and yet rooted in values that go far beyond just increasing the bottom line.

We having been making dyes for more than 20 years and yet every new batch gives us a new perspective. Colors have the power to make memories and we are just a medium. It’s no wonder we keep going, it’s no wonder we love what we do.


Better Quality. Better Products. Better Relationship.

There are a lot of companies that do what we do, that have the technological know-how, but what separates us from the rest is our commitment towards quality. We don’t just want to sell colors; we want to connect our clients to what matters most – the experience.

It’s not incredibly difficult to manufacture color, but getting that perfect shade every single time – that’s another matter entirely. We have honed a process and set up benchmarks at the tail end of every step that help us identify a niggle, before it becomes a problem. We set in motion the right research for every order we get and we don’t start firing up our boilers until we know what is expected. That in turn gives us uniformity in our product, leaving our clients with exactly what they want. To put it simply, we work in an industry where a lot is left to chance, but we just love to do it the hard way.

The right raw materials, countless number of hours in the lab, perfect proportions, on dot temperatures, constant monitoring and apt packaging with a host of other natural elements lead to a perfectly tuned color. In spite of all the effort it takes, we still feel that beautiful, has never been so easy.

News & Events

Date: 5th – 6th March, 2016
Venue: Pakistan

Participation at 2nd Color & Chem Expo 2016, Faisalabad

Stall Number: P2

Date: 13th – 15th April, 2016
Venue: China

Participation at China InterDye Exhibition 2016, Shanghai

Stall Number: A580